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Magazine publisher flies to NR for tour


The publisher of Downwind magazine was on hand last week when the third issue of his new aviation publication rolled off the press at St. Croix Press in New Richmond.

On the cover of the most recent issue was a picture of actor Harrison Ford, a recreational pilot who agreed to an interview with publisher Richard Edelson.

The high-profile interview is an indication that the popularity of the magazine is taking off.

“It’s been well received,” Edelson said, noting that he printed 5,000 copies of his first two issues and now has increased the run to 10,000.

“There’s only a small handful of magazines geared toward the general aviation pilots,” Edelson said. “And there hasn’t been a new magazine started in 25 years.”

Despite a down economy and the financial risk involved in starting a new publication, Edelson said he jumped into the project with great enthusiasm.

Edelson has no previous publishing experience, and has had a private pilot’s license for only a year.

“But I fell in love with aviation,” he explained.

When talking with graphic designer Theo Giovanopoulos about a small neighborhood publication the artist was producing in New York, Edelson wondered aloud how a new aviation magazine would go over.

“We wanted to do something new,” he said. “We wanted to get pilots to write for us, do product reviews and feature places to fly to.”

Their original plans were to focus the magazine’s content on a three-state area centered around New York, but Edelson said Downwind instead became more of a national publication.

Downwind comes out bi-monthly and is available at many bookstores. Their Web site is www.downwindmag.com.

The publisher is also involved in the founding of the Downwind Pilots Association, an organization to encourage a greater sense of community among recreational and general aviation pilots.

Edelson, Giovanopoulos (creative director), flight instructor Bill Jensen and aviation business owner Mike Cimino flew to New Richmond Regional Airport on Dec. 2 to take a tour of the St. Croix Press facilities and watch the new issue come off the press.

Edelson has a relative in the publishing business who recommended St. Croix Press for its quality and customer service.

The crew enjoyed a quick lunch with St. Croix Press officials before heading back to New York.
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